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Mocci Beauty

With exclusive shops only a short distance away, our Azabu-jyuban location is a peaceful retreat from the buzz of the city. Mocci Beauty is a tranquil haven where Miki offers a new era of facial technologies and hands-on skills.

Salon Name

Mocci Beauty


Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Azabujyuban 3-7-5 Decimo Azabu 501




Opening Hours

Monday-Sunday 10:00~21:00 (Earlier hours may be available)


2 minutes walk from the Metro Nanboku Line to Azabu-jyuban Station Exit #1
※There is no parking, please use the coin parking next to our building.
※You can park your bicycle near the entrance.

Route from Azabujyuuban Station

  • 1

    Take Exit 1 of Azabu Juban Station and turn right at the Kiraboshi Bank in front of you.

  • 2

    Continue straight for about 100 meters.

  • 3

    Turn left at Fior di Maso Azabu (located at the second crossroad), a cheese store on your left.

  • 4

    Walk about 30 meters. (Fior di Maso Azabu (cheese store) -> cafe -> brownish gray building -> coin parking -> Decimo Azabu (our salon))

  • 5

    Dr Training, a personal gym, is located on the ground floor.

  • 6

    Enter through the door on the right at the entrance of the apartment building (it is not an automatic lock, so open the door to enter).

  • 7

    Use the intercom at the door to call 501 followed by 呼出. When the door unlocks, pull the door toward you and enter. Take the elevator on your left to the 5th floor, and your room will be on the left.